Located 35 km from the town of Lefkada. Perhaps the most beautiful beach of Lefkada and the most bea...

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    It is approximately 30km. from the town of Lefkada. A place so magical that has nothing to envy from...

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    Nidri is situated on the southeastern side of the island and the distance from the center of town is...

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    It is a big mistake to leave Lefkas without visiting the magnificent waterfalls located in Nidri. A ...

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    The seat is only 12. from the town of Lefkada, a beach that you do not become indifferent. From the ...

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    The Basilica is one of the popular coastal villages of Lefkada. Located in the southern part ...

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    The beach of Agios Ioannis is near the town of Lefkas (just 3 km.). It is one of the most beautiful ...

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    In a small bay lies the beautiful village of Agios Nikitas. It is on the Northwest Lefkada. In this ...

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    Scorpio is an earthly paradise, a small island that belongs to the prefecture of Lefkada is one of t...

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    It is a charming mountain village with lush vegetation, stone houses and breathtaking views across t...

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    Ducks, pelicans and herons inhabit the lagoon Gyra and a road encircles and is perfect for road trip...

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    The Kalamitsi is a small village located 23 km southeast of the capital city. It is situated on a lu...

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It is the beach of the homonymous settlement and the favorite of wind surfers. Among the ten best in the world and the three best in Europe for windsurfing. Here conducted international festival watersports ( On the western side of the beach, the sea is perpetually calm.

One of the most beautiful pebble beaches. Located in a very picturesque bay on the left side of the Basilica. The water is turquoise and clear. You can take the boat from the Basilica or follow the path from the southeast side.

Located near the Basilica and will get there through a bypass of the main road in the village Marantochori. Is small, pebbled and has a tavern, cafes and accommodation.

Beautiful and quiet pebble beach with clear waters below the village of Poros. Located on the sheltered bay Rouda and the sea is almost always calm. The area offers camping, hotels and restaurants.

Located in a cove on the lateral side of the peninsula Vlicho. Is small, shaded and ideal for canoeing, with which you can explore the small beaches and caves along the coast. Is pebbly and the bay are two organized campgrounds.

Crowded beach preferred by those who live in Nidri.

Shortly before Athani is a large sandy beach with cliffs and visiting campers. Rahma and canteen.

Near the village there are three sandy beaches, turquoise waters, white pebbles, sand and rocks. They also feature a canteen, a few chairs and parasols.

It has white sand and deep turquoise waters and is really impressive, especially when viewed from above. No access by car The beach ends scenic hiking trail that starts from Agios Nikitas (20 minutes walk) or you can go to «taxi boat».

Large sandy beach with clear waters and pine forest that reaches the sand. It is organized in only one point. After the big rock is nudist area.

Located right by the lighthouse, opposite the castle of Santa Maura. It has white sand and azure waters.

A beach with clear water who know mainly locals and opposite the floating bridge at the entrance of the island behind the building TAOL.

Especially popular beach across from the settlement with two taverns.

The mostly prefer the wind surfers and kite surfers. Covering an area of 4.5 km and have turquoise waters. Here you will find restaurants and cafes.

A beach with clear waters of the village, in front of the cafes and tavernas prefer mainly families. On the left side, between the Mill and Agios Nikitas, there is another spectacular beach Ammoudoula that only go swimming, and there is the cave Fokotrypa.

Favorite beach campers and camp before, is now the most cosmopolitan of Lefkada, organized with umbrellas, beach bar and restaurants. Has white pebbled sand and turquoise waters. But be careful! When strengthens the mistral and raises big wave, do not attempt to go inside.

The famous beach 2 km long around which there are impressive cliffs, considered among the best in the Mediterranean. The landscape refers to the Caribbean, as the waters are colored turquoise and IP ntakathara. There is a canteen at the parking lot and one on the beach after the 350 steps that you need to get off.

A white strip of sand in front of the impressive white rock: the image is known to most, as it has been awarded as the best beach in Greece and we have seen in various tourism campaigns. Follow the downhill street with 100 steps starting from the parking lot (which is filled canteens). Also, you can reach the beach by boat from Nidri and Vassiliki.